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Laurie Anspach, Director–Ms. Anspach has been a professional artist for over 35 years and is a member of the Oil Painters of America, as well as the Art Renewal Center. Her passion is to help others through her work as an artist. She has been a Humanitarian Artist for most of her career, giving back to her community through her skills as an artist.

All our artists live and work all over the United States. Each is award winning and highly skilled in their work. “The team at Painting for Good Causes is comprised of the most generous and talented artists, I have had the privilege to work with and their art, their dedication and their willingness to help is greatly appreciated!” (Laurie Anspach)

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Painting for Good Causes Artists

Margaret Tcheng Ware

Echo Baker

Susan Porges

Patricia Sheets

Christine Lashley

Cecilia Brendel

Nancy Hill

Paul Means

Mikyoung A Osburn

Julie Fornaci

Linda Vice

Ann Sharp

D Lee

Susan Lindsey

Neal Slaten

Marti Bailey

Leslie Pratt Thomas

Marjorie Hicks

Cheryl Powell

Eli Cedrone

Jennifer Freeman

Pam Shumway

Cindy Betka

Mary Dorrell

Katherine Meredith

Ann Meador

Thalia Stratton

Brenda Lane

Ellen Moore

Gary Worthan

Rosanne Cerbo

Cheryl Magellan

Suzy Mellot

Beth Norwood

Jon Tocchini

Jill Rudzik

Zoe Hadley

Annie Compton

Cathy Toot

Arlene Daniel

Holly Wolfe

Laura Ury

Nancy Hines

Nicole Alger

Carol Boynton

Marianne Billingsley

Sue Barrasi

Brenda Brannon

Paulette Colo

Linda Kollacks

Kristin Grevich

Sharon Grubbs

Kevin Hunter

Jolynn Forman

Gwen Gutwein

Rick Dickinson


Judith Burch