Painting for Good Causes is a national coalition of skilled artists offering compassion and grace to families in need.  Through our gifts of art, we build stronger communities and offer hope to those braving the most difficult of circumstances.

 Our service men and women sacrifice the things that mean the most to them to protect the things that mean the most to us.

 When a child is diagnosed with cancer, their lives are changed instantaneously.

 A family in crisis.  A child removed from the only home it knows.   That child now in the home of strangers, or perhaps a shelter, most likely separated from siblings and everyone else they know and love.  A child whose future in most uncertain.

 Daily occurrences like these drive Painting for Good Causes artists to paint likenesses of families or children living in exactly these conditions. We are determined to instill hope and faith with each stroke of our brushes by providing legacy-quality portraits that remind these families of happier times, of their love for each other, and that others care for them. 

 Painting for Good Causes networks with and supports the work of more than a dozen nonprofit organizations throughout America. Nearly 50 artists currently gift their time and talent to our Cause; more are coming on board. Our mission to provide lasting and joyful moments to military families, foster children, adoptive families, and families of children being treated for cancer is a noble one, if unique.

 Every day, we pursue the work to connect with those who need it most, but we need you by our side. For a one-time donation of $25 you will help to gift a portrait to a family in need. We will email you a photo of the portrait when it is shipped off to the family.

 As a Sponsor of Painting for Good Causes, you can help to give love and caring to families throughout the country and you can give so many families the sense that their struggles matter. 

 Sponsor’s monthly gifts provide a consistent, reliable income stream that allows us to spend less time fundraising—and more time reaching out to the heroes defending our country, to their families, to children who are longing for Forever families and to children and their families whose lives have been shaken from their very foundation and will never be the same.  For a consistent gift of $25 a month, you will receive regular emailed images of all portraits you have helped to gift to families in need. You will receive a bimonthly update as to the responses we have received as a result of the portrait arriving to the families and you will receive an update as to our expanded numbers of artists and the portraits that have been completed.

Becoming a Sponsor of Painting for Good Causes is an easy, efficient and tax-deductible way to make a difference for families all year long. Please donate today.