Painting for Good Causes gifts portraits of children who have been placed in foster care, throughout the country. 

“Heart Galleries play a crucial role in locating forever families for our children,” said Matthew Straeb, president of the Florida Association of Heart Galleries and Heart Gallery of Sarasota. “Florida’s success in increasing adoptions of children in foster care is connected to the efforts of Heart Galleries and their effective promotion of remarkable Florida children.”

The Heart Gallery of Sarasota, Florida

Matt 2

Lavender is bright and charming, pleasant towards others, with a good sense of humor. She enjoys going to movies, participating in teen group activities, likes to swim and workout at the gym. Academically she has been struggling and needs to be encouraged to focus. The turmoil in her life is clearly reflected in her level of academic performance. Lavender wants to be part of a family and achieve permanency in her life. She aspires to become either a lawyer or registered nurse someday and wants to help others. Could you be the right adoptive family for this child?






Taijon by Suzy
Tai’Jon was born in 2002 and wears a smile that can light up a room! He dreams of playing college football and is eager to take on any video game challenge. Smart, confident, and athletic, Tai’Jon is headed for big things and looking for that forever family to cheer him on and celebrate his success!








Shaye is outgoing and inquisitive with blond hair and blue eyes. She enjoys playing outside and can spend an entire day at the beach.  She likes to read books and draw pictures in her spare time and is quick to share her art work. Shaye is an animal lover and especially enjoys riding horses.







There are many more Heart Galleries and many more paintings of children who need and deserve forever homes!  To learn more about adopting these beautiful children and more, go to The Heart Galleries of America and locate the Heart Gallery for your state!

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We are working with the Heart Gallery of Sarasota,  Pomona, California, Central Arkansas, Sacramento, Vermont, Palm Beach Florida  and Oregon, so far.

We are contacting more offices throughout the country on a weekly basis and offering our talents, time and passion to this cause!